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Efficient. Self-sufficient. Cost-effective

The CAFS MOBILE is completely self-sufficient with regard to the production of compressed air – a special connection to the vehicle is unnecessary. It is easy to accommodate in common equipment compartments thanks to its compact design . The CAFS MOBILE is integrated directly into the fire-extinguishing line and fed with a water-foam mixture. In the CAFS mixing chamber, compressed air is introduced and CAFS foam is made.

A CAFS mobile can be easily and economically retrofitted in the existing fire fighting vehicle.

  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Small space requirement
  • Reliable, low-maintenance design
  • Additional propulsion sources for the production of compressed air not required
  • Up to approx. 35 m effective throw range with wet foam

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CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System)

  • Active foam expansion of the water-foam compound mixture through the introduction of compressed air
  • Increased throw range and height due to actively introduced compressed air in comparison with conventional air foam processes (passive foam expansion)
  • Lighter hoses and simpler handling due to the air portion in CAFS foam
  • Strong adhesive effect, also on vertical surfaces, due to homogeneous foam structure.
  • Excellent burn-back safety

Easy operation

  • Permanent indicators of cylinder (operational supply reservoir) and working pressure
  • Operational readiness in just seconds as a result of the low weight and easiest implementation: connect hose – cylinder valve, open air cock and shut-off device – activate branch pipe
  • Safe distance from source of fire due to large throw range/height

Easy operation – two easy operation headings

Operation of the CAFS system via LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System)

  • Consistent control logic
  • Logical control path
  • Self explanatory symbols
  • Uniform colour scheme

Refillable compressed air bottles via external filling connection.

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