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Compact and light

The compact and light POLY CAFS extinguishing system is an ideal extinguishing system for mounting on a variety of motorbikes. Where multi-track firefighting vehicles can no longer penetrate, a motorbike and installed POLY BIKE SL35/50 CAFS extinguishing system can drive right up to the scene.

The unique advantages of POLY CAFS firefighting equipment become especially apparent in heavy traffic and tight alleys as well as on off-road terrain.

  • Highest extinguishing efficiency by maximizing the water surface (foam bubbles)
  • Best foam quality
  • Excellent burn-back safety
  • Minimisation of water damage

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Low weight

  • 97 kg with 35 litres nominal fill quantity for SL35 model
  • 115 kg with 50 litres nominal fill quantity for SL50 model

Operational convenience

  • Compact dimensions and low weight for easy installation on different motorbikes
  • Housing of the compressed air cylinder for increased safety of emergency personnel
  • Easy fastening for the firefighting helmet
  • Optional rotating, flashing LED lights and electric siren for warning the remaining road users in case of a fire fighting call

Large action radius

  • 16 m effective throw range
  • 10 m effective throw height
  • 20 m special textile hose

Easy operation

  • Duration of use approx. 1 min (SL35 model) or approx. 1.5 mins (SL50 model)
  • Quickly ready for operation: Release hose pack from frame – Open cylinder valve – Activate nozzle
  • Safe distance from source of fire thanks to large throw range/height of 16m/10 m
  • Rapid change of position thanks to 20 m stable, non-kink, super lightweight special textile hose

Versatile applications

  • For the initial fight of small and incipient fires and for hard-to-access areas
  • Fire protection for events
  • Firefighting operations for small fires, such as for example, garbage can and vehicle fires
  • Fast first attack and highest manoeuvrability with the use of the firefighting motorbike chassis
  • Highest mobility, also off-road
  • Progress in the “tightest” situations – e.g. heavy traffic, tight alleys, promenades etc.

Easy maintenance

  • Uncomplicated refilling for the operator
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Reliable, low-maintenance design
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