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Directly to the scene

Where other multi-track firefighting vehicles can no longer penetrate, the POLY QUAD SL100 CAFS can drive right up to the scene.

The unique advantages of the ATV become especially apparent off-road, on difficult terrain, in tight alleys and on waterfront promenades.

  • Highest extinguishing efficiency by maximizing the water surface (foam bubbles)
  • Best foam quality
  • Excellent burn-back safety
  • Minimisation of water damage

Impresses with

  • POLARIS RANGER chassis
  • Highest mobility, also off-road
  • Large throw ranges/heights
  • Easy operation
  • Easy refilling by the operator


Large action radius

  • 16 m effective throw range
  • 10 m effective throw height
  • 20, 40, 50 or 80 m special textile hose

Versatile Applications

  • For the initial fight of small and incipient fires and for hard-to-access areas
  • Fire protection for events
  • Firefighting operations for small fires, such as for example, garbage can and vehicle fires
  • Fast first attack and highest manoeuvrability with the use of the ATV chassis
  • Highest mobility, also off-road

Easy maintenance

  • Uncomplicated refilling for the operator
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Reliable, low-maintenance design


Operational convenience

  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Detached control unit for optimal operating comfort
  • Optional fast tank filling/drainage mechanism for quickly filling/draining the POLY CAFS container
  • Different reel types and hose lengths, depending on the application, selectable

Advantages of a POLARIS RANGER chassis:

  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Best suspension for more stability – this means better ride comfort
  • 4WD (all-wheel drive) and limited slip differential for maximum traction – to easily conquer difficult terrain

Easy operation

  • Operational duration of the extinguishing system approx. 3 min
  • Quickly ready for operation: Open cylinder valve – Switch to activate – Open pneumatic pressure outlet – Pull hose and activate nozzle
  • Comfortable operation thanks to detached control panel
  • Safe distance from source of fire due to large throw range/height of 16 m/10 m
  • Rapid change of position thanks to 20, 40, 50 or 80 m stable, non-kink, super lightweight special textile hose
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