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The powerful and premium portable fire pump

The following is decisive in the application of portable fire pumps: power – weight – reliability – easy operation. The third FOX generation continues to set standards in all of these areas.

A portable fire pump must often be carried for the last few meters to reach a water point. With an unparalleled low weight of 167 kg with a full tank of fuel, the FOX makes operations considerably easier. Together with the low center of gravity, even on tough terrain, the four folding carrying handles offer unsurpassed carrying comfort.

  • PFPN 10/1500 or PFPN 15/1000
  • Weight ready for operations 167 kg
  • Air cooling
  • BMW engine
  • Intuitive operation

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Design is always a matter of taste

It is clear, however, that the new FOX is of the highest manufacturing quality – from the carrying frame over the exhaust, pump and lining through to the control panel.

Easy Operation

Easy operation

  • Start with the push of a button:The electronic motor control of the BMW engine ensures a reliable start with the push of a button, press “I” briefly – ignition ON, press “I” longer – engine starts. The operating keys are illuminated for operations in the dark.
  • Automation:Even the priming process is fully automatic; the priming pump automatically shuts down when it reaches a minimum pressure.
  • Clear indicators:A pressure gauge for the suction and discharge sides, revolution counter, service hour meter and pilot lamps for battery charging, oil pressure and fuel reserves provide information about the in-service condition.
  • Searchlights:A strong searchlight (halogen 12 V 55 W) can be folded out for illuminating the drafting point, swivelled or detached.
  • LCS:uniform LCS (logic control system) control logic on all Rosenbauer products


Output per EN 14466

  • PFPN 10 – 1000 (1,000 l/min at 10 bar)
  • PFPN 10 – 1500 (1,500 l/min at 10 bar)
  • PFPN 15 – 1000 (1,000 l/min at 15 bar)

Maximum output

  • 1,600 l/min at 10 bar – one of the strongest portable fire pumps in this class
  • Bilge output over 2,000 l/min
  • Ideal for transporting water over long stretches (relay line) thanks to 15 bar at 1,000 l/min

Low weight

  • Empty weight 150 kg
  • Weight ready for operations 167 kg

Optimum wear comfortfeatures2 features3

  • Four folding handles with grating at 90° and 180°
  • Lower centre of gravity thanks to the low position of the tank and boxer engine
  • Large under-axle clearance



  • Air cooling:Air cooling significantly contributes to increased operational safety. Rosenbauer is the only provider who can offer an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine in this class.
  • Automation:Through the high degree of automation – whether the electronic motor control for safe starting behaviour, the knock control or the mechanical overheating valve – human error is almost entirely ruled out.
  • Experience:Years of experience with BMW engines and pump parts as well as test runs with more than 300 hours of continuous operation guarantee the highest reliability
  • Refueling:The position of the fuel tank beneath the engine and the special safety cap on the tank opening make it possible to refuel the FOX while the engine is running. This was confirmed by TÜV Austria.
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