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With a weight of just around 20.9 kg (incl. cable), the new NAUTILUS 4/1 is the lightest submersible pump in this output class. Besides its low weight, the two ergonomically shaped handles ensure that the pump can be comfortably carried by one or two persons.

  • Lightest submersible pump of its class
  • Integrated flat suction
  • Most powerful pump of its class
  • High quality PUR cable
  • Adapted for pumping waste water
  • Motor protection on/off switch

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Integrated flat suction

The NAUTILUS 4/1 is ideally suited to flat suction and following pumping out at full power, a minimal water volume of just 4 mm (!!!) remains. The flat suction unit is fully integrated into the pump, which makes the removal of the suction grill or the mounting of an additional device unnecessary.

Most powerful pump of its class

The output of the NAUTILUS 4/1 is 405 litres per minute at 1 bar and 690 litres per minute at 0 bar.

Optimal size

The slim design has two major advantages:

  • The pump can also be used in narrow shafts and wells.
  • The pump can be easily fixed in the vehicle.

Adapted for pumping waste water

The NAUTILUS 4/1 also transports dirty water (e.g. sandy or muddy water) with a grain size of up to 10 mm.


With a gross weight of just 20.9 kg (incl cable) the NAUTILUS 4/1 is the lightest submersible pump in its class. Weight without cable: 17 kg. In addition to this low weight, two ergonomically shaped handles ensure, that the pump can be carried in equal comfort by one person, or two: The handles are curved in such a way that they sit comfortably in your hand. They spread apart as they go upwards, making the pump easier to carry for two people. Some competitor pumps only have one handle at the centre of the pump, which makes carrying it (both alone and with another person) more difficult (pump knocks against leg).

Tested and Certified

There is just one fundamental standard in the area of submersible electric pumps from an international point of view: DIN 14425 “Portable submersible pumps with electric motor”. All essential submersible pump requirements are set out in this standard, the most important of which are:

  • Output: min. 405 l/min
  • Pressure: 1 bar
  • Power rating: 110 V

The NAUTILUS 4/1 is tested and certified according to DIN 14425.

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