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Connor Sutton Appointed as new Firefighting Equipment Specialist

Connor Sutton Appointed as new Firefighting Equipment Specialist

Rosenbauer UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Connor Sutton as the firm’s new Firefighting Equipment Specialist.

Connor will oversee sales and development activities from the company’s growing firefighting equipment range.

Yorkshire-based Rosenbauer UK Limited has been at the forefront of this market for over ten years, since its Founder and Managing Director, Oliver North, increased the organisation’s intensity in the UK firefighting equipment market.

Some of Rosenbauer UK’s highlights within the equipment market over the past ten years includes supplying over 38,000 state-of-the-art firefighting helmets – totalling more than £7 million – and over 2,000 ‘argus’ thermal imaging cameras – worth over £10 million, to fire crews throughout the country.

Commenting on his appointment, Connor Sutton said: “I’m absolutely delighted to have joined Rosenbauer UK as they continue to place their energy and emphasis into product development, quality and subsequent customer care.

“After following the company for the past few years, their incredible determination and ambition is clear to see from the outset. Throughout an intense interview process, it was clear that the excellent calibre of applicants truly reflected the desirability of this role.

“Throughout this process, the same message has been repeated: impeccable customer care and satisfaction is mandatory, not optional. As a very customer-focussed individual, it is now my sole task to support our existing customer base to the highest standard possible, whilst ensuring new and potentially new customers can see why we are the most prolific supplier in the UK firefighting equipment market.

“After my product training and education process at Rosenbauer Group Headquarters, Austria, and Avon Protection in Melksham – for the argus thermal imaging range – it is clear why we are market leaders in our respective fields. And, with further developments and launches in new technology, I’m extremely excited at the prospect of developing and growing, personally, with Rosenbauer UK.”

Rosenbauer UK’s Managing Director, Oliver North, added: “Our customers are genuinely world class at what they do, so our commitment to serve them to the highest possible standard will always be at the forefront of our recruitment processes.

“Connor’s desire, positivity and respect shone through in a very demanding interview process, involving some renowned market specialists. And with the established pairing of Bernadette Culkin – our Equipment Administrative Manager – and Rory Wilde – our Head of Equipment Aftersales – he will thrive in this very competent department.”

Rosenbauer UK Sales and Engineering Director, Nick Uwins, finished: “As we share the market with some very astute competitors, we always need to strive to think and act in a more dynamic manner, so Connor serves as a good representation of our investment and commitment to our future intentions.”

Connor Sutton can be reached via email at

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