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Delivery Highlights of Quarter One

Delivery Highlights of Quarter One

The first Quarter of 2018 has provided an excellent platform for Rosenbauer UK to showcase clear intent on “upgrading, not merely replacing” new appliances and equipment to start their life supporting the front line firefighters throughout the UK’s highly talented Fire and Rescue Services. Here, we focus on three of the highlights:

Images of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service‘s new Rosenbauer ATs were released via social media in February, highlighting the Brigade’s ‘Tactical Rescue Unit’ (TRU) Team’s increase in safety, efficiency and capability.

The two Rosenbauer ATs are the first of their type, built on 18-tonne Volvo FE chassis, with the latest ‘Advanced Technology’ bodywork and incorporating wholly unrivalled bespoke stowage solutions for the increased amount of equipment required by the TRU Teams. The AT crew cab also provides an increase in firefighter safety whilst deploying too and from incidents whilst also providing the AT standard revolving staircase, to improve and assist firefighters during regular mounting and dismounting of the appliances.


Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service received three new Compact Line appliances in the Brigade’s quest to provide smaller and more manoeuvrable appliances to remedy their challenges faced when reacting to incidents in hard-to-reach areas of the county, with limited access; a scenario commonly faced in the historic, yet beautiful coastal County.

The 5.3 tonne Compact Line appliances have been built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis and incorporate the ultimate in firefighter safety for smaller appliances – with a Rosenbauer crew cab which also ensures the firefighter has the same physical space whilst commuting too and from an incident, similar to what a larger, more conventional truck would provide.


Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have taken delivery of 64 new Argus Mi-TIC E Thermal Imaging Cameras, to boost front line firefighter safety and efficiency in search and rescue tasks throughout the county.

Argus Mi-TIC E

The argus Mi-TIC was selecting following a rigorous and thorough trial process, excelling in image quality and functionality.

argus engineers pioneered the development of handheld thermal imagers over 35 years ago and remain one of the leading suppliers to firefighting and security organisations throughout the World. Distributed throughout Europe by Rosenbauer, the Mi-TIC has continued to cement and grow market share over the past twelve months.

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