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Rosenbauer 77

The RB Series branch is one of the most commonly used of its type throughout the United Kingdom.

In order to fulfil the principles of the EU standard EN 15182-2:2007 for nozzles, the approved ROSENBAUER branches have been completed with the new types Select Flow “EN”.

The new nozzle series has been tested and approved according to EN by TUV Austria

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Jet Selection

Solid Bore

  • Working from a safe distance with extensive throw range
  • High kinetic energy to eliminate ember and fire pockets

Variable Fog Patterns

  • Fine water droplets for rapid heat reduction
  • Minimisation of water damage due to smaller volumes of water
  • Ideal for cooling for fume abatement and combating fires involving burning liquids

Protective Shieldjetselection3

  • Finest water droplet and wide spray angle create an extensive water shield
  • Protection of the fire fighting team against radiant heat
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