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MiTic Storm front and back- small batteryTHE NEW RANGE OF Mi-TIC THERMAL IMAGER FROM ARGUS®

The ARGUS Mi-TIC S is the most advanced thermal imager for fire fighting.

The S incorporates a larger 3.5″ display for a clearer view of the fire scene, however still retains the Mi-TIC’s light-weight and wearable design, weighing just 800g (1.8lbs).

The extended dynamic temperature range to 1000˚C (2000˚F) allows for greater scene detail in larger, hotter fire scenarios along with an enhanced feature set including a laser pointer to aid communication and an electronic compass for greater scene awareness and heat seeker.

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  • Image and video recording for post-operation and training review
  • 6 application specific modes for easier image interpretation
  • Dynamic Scene Enhancement (DSE) technology increases the contrast between the fire and important details at lower temperatures such as exit point and obstacles
  • Image Freeze function to investigate potentially high temperature areas in the fire scene (eg loft space) with the shortest possible exposure time
  • Software configuration tool to customise button functionality
  • Space-saving truck mountable charger
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