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Rosenbauer UK Reach Decade Milestone

Rosenbauer UK Reach Decade Milestone

Rosenbauer UK welcomed the start of September whilst celebrating the tenth anniversary of supplying the UK’s excellent fire and rescue services.

Formed on 1st September 2008, Rosenbauer UK have been fortunate enough to have experienced a continuous growth cycle over the entire 10 year term, whilst simultaneously striving to increase and improve customer care, service and quality.

Highlights over the past decade include the emergence of the Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme fire helmet as the UK market leader, the re-introduction and supply of countless turntable ladders, the prominent emergence of Rosenbauer aerial ladder platforms, the introduction of the excellent Mi-TIC thermal imaging camera with partners Avon Protection, and in the past three years Rosenbauer UK have welcomed the incredible Panther airfield fire appliance, the world-class AT pumping appliance and the newly market leading HEROS-titan fire helmet.

At the end of 2015, Rosenbauer UK moved to a new 24,000 sq ft facility to ensure finish, service and back-up could be handled as efficiently as possible.

“One product serves as my personal highlight in our 10 year journey.” commented Rosenbauer UK Managing Director, Oliver North, “Our AT-Stinger has outperformed any single fire appliance in the UK, in my humble opinion. Not only its performance, but in the representation of a new concept of fire appliance entirely, of utmost accuracy and relevance to today’s ever-increasing challenges faced by our exceptional firefighters.

“It is this representation of breaking the mold and doing so much more than merely replacing what stood before it which I’m most proud of, and now we have proven this concept, we will likely see copied versions trying to emulate it. This very fact serves as a marker to me personally that we are the technological leader in the UK.

Rosenbauer AT Stinger

North concluded, “To achieve all of this within a relatively short period of time is testament to our magnificent team of professionals, maximising the efficient co-operation with our Country’s fire and rescue services.”


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