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UK Production Ramps Up

UK Production Ramps Up

Rosenbauer to increase production after series of orders from across UK

Rosenbauer UK is increasing production at their Yorkshire headquarters after securing multiple contracts for 31 state-of-the-art firefighting appliances, which have been ordered by Brigades from Cornwall to Aberdeen within the past two weeks, including:

  • 15 twelve tonne CLs for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service
  • 11 ATs for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • 3 PANTHER with Stinger for Glasgow Airport Fire Service
  • 2 PANTHER with Stinger for Aberdeen Airport Fire Service

Rosenbauer UK Managing Director, Oliver North, said: “At a time when growth is hard in any sector, it really is testament to our excellent team at Rosenbauer UK that we’re able to continue our own phase of growth and increase production in Holmfirth, to add to what is now a 140% increase in production for 2018 deliveries.

“With Staffordshire and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Services entrusting us to deliver something exceptional for their individual challenges together with confirmation from Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports, we’re thrilled to be in the position of increasing our production capability to meet all of their incredibly high standards.

“The past three months have provided us with the ultimate reassurance that our strategy in maintaining high product standards with equally high levels of technology for our brave firefighters operating on the front line is the best strategy possible.

“We must always maintain our values of quality, efficiency and whole-life value, over and above ‘first-glance price’ for it is this quality, which the firefighters using the equipment on a daily basis, require.”

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service have opted for 15 12-tonne ‘Compact Line’ firefighting trucks to meet their pumping appliance requirement.

These vehicles have been designed to wholly increase the long-standing challenge of manoeuvrability around the historic streets of Cornwall while increasing the volume of water and equipment carried on the trucks.

They boast 2,000 litre water tanks and the latest in small truck, crew cab technology – which will ensure a bigger crew cab for the firefighter – despite the smaller chassis.

Rosenbauer UK Sales and Engineering Director, Nick Uwins, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service on a project which I truly believe will make a huge difference on the front line in Cornwall.”

“The territory required for use of the appliances, presents both unique and demanding terrain which is very hard to reach for a conventional truck. The 12 tonne Compact Line has a natural ability to provide exceptional agility whilst, in parallel, increasing the amount of water and operational equipment able to be carried.”

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service will procure 11 Rosenbauer ATs, of which the first six will be completed and put onto the front line in the Spring of 2018.

The ATs will be built on the popular Volvo FL chassis and will include the latest technology in terms of pumping, crew cab, equipment stowage and electronics. They also include the hugely popular AT Crew Cab complete with revolving steps, for increased firefighter safety when mounting and dismounting.

Rosenbauer UK’s Technical Director, Kevin Sedgwick, commented: “These machines will both raise the bar and set the new tone as the minimum desired standard, for the future of municipal pumping appliance technology.”

“The Volvo FL chassis has quickly become the most commonly used pumping appliance chassis in the UK Fire and Rescue market. With the sheer technology which we’re adding into the AT, and all of our latest features specific to firefighter safety and operational technology, we will strive in proving ourselves as the best possible asset to the front-line firefighter in the UK firefighting technology arena.”

The new orders also include two from Scottish airports, reinforcing the success story that is the new Rosenbauer PANTHER. Following recent orders from Belfast and Shannon, airports in Glasgow and Aberdeen are adding the vehicle, complete with the Rosenbauer STINGER high reach extendable turret, to their fleets.

Glasgow Airport have chosen three new 6×6 PANTHERs while Aberdeen Airport has opted for two short wheel base 6×6 PANTHERs.

Rosenbauer UK Managing Director, Oliver North, added: “Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports both had the requirement to add high reach extendable turrets to their respective fire appliance fleets. The PANTHER and STINGER combination has proved to be a firefighter favourite in the UK, particularly over the past 12 months, and we’re delighted to have been appointed as their vehicle of choice following a robust and thorough selection process.”

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