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Aerial Ladder Platforms

ALP on Volvo 2

The accomplished Rosenbauer Aerial Ladder Platform, powered by Metz Technology, has now been in operation worldwide for many years, giving Fire & Rescue Services the option to add complete finesse to their aerial fleet. With arguably the most refined, reliable boom package on the market sat over completely perfected bodywork, the Rosenbauer Platform proves to be one of the most popular Aerial Ladder Platforms world-wide.

Quickly emerging as a UK market leader, the Rosenbauer ‘B-series’ range proves to be the most cost-effective option whilst maintaining pure reliability, finesse and functionality.

With a guaranteed 24 hour call out time in the case of a Metz appliance going off-the-run, Fire & Rescue Services can rest assured knowing their aerial fire protection demands lie in the safest of hands.

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Sophisticated down to the smallest detail

The 500kg cage of a Rosenbauer hydraulic platform is best suited to the needs of modern rescue operations. Functionality and efficiency are its highest priorities. The many helpful functions that make Rosenbauer rescue cages so unique are harmoniously combined and make tasks even more ergonomic and efficient. It is not without reason that our sophisticated rescue cage has been proven the world over.

Robust design

The highly developed rescue cage consists of a durable, robust aluminum construction and is manufactured size- and weight optimised. Depending on the cage version, there is space for up to six people.

Three entry points

For genuine comfort in the rescue cage there are three upright entry points. Its unique front entry point leaves plenty of room to accommodate a wheelchair user in the cage without any hindrance.

Rotating cage

The cage swivels 47° to the left and right, regardless of whether or not rescue ladders are installed on the telescopic boom. Thus, precise and individual positioning in relation to the object is achieved.

Swiveling stretcher support

Three different stretcher supports bear a live load of up to 300 kg, thus ensuring flexible accommodations – from simple folding stretchers to heavy duty carriers.

Folding platform

The platform, which bears a live load of 200 kg, can be folded down. This greatly increases the usable area in the cage, which makes it easier to enter buildings, accommodate wheelchairs, and load heavy duty carriers.

Flexible equipment options

Numerous additional equipment options make the Rosenbauer rescue cage a true multi-talent. The cage can be equipped with rescue winches, diving ladders, fresh air risers, cooling fan storage, rescue hoses, camera systems, fall protection systems and much more.



The stunning aesthetics of the Rosenbauer B-Series range of Aerial Ladders Platforms ensures precision accuracy in manufacture of multiple units, ensuring maximum interoperability.

With only the highest grade of a combination of GRP and aluminium used, we ensure every appliance looks as modern and as new as possible – for as long as possible.

The striking aesthetics also ensure the professionalism of the Appliance replicates the professionalism of the Fire & Rescue Service using the truck.

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