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Rosenbauer has further developed the PANTHER 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles in order to offer emergency crews even more safety, operating comfort, and extinguishing power. The next generation of the PANTHER impresses with new and innovative features, maximum power, safety and functionality.

Many years of experience, creative minds, highly qualified technicians, and industrial fabrication at the highest level are the foundation of the high-tech standard of the new PANTHER. Flexible fabrication possibilities allow for custom-tailored solutions.

Driving Dynamics


The new PANTHER goes from 0 to 80 km/h in under 28 seconds* thanks to its sporty concept with 750 hp Euro 6 engine and 8-speed gearbox. Its lower center of gravity gives it excellent driving dynamics in every situation – whether on paved roads or challenging off road terrain.

Ease of Use

When lives depend on speed, every motion must have purpose The new PANTHER offers more freedom of movement for the driver and team in the cockpit. The ergonomically optimized arrangement of the operating elements and the new design of the control handle simplify any operational situation.

  • Enlarged visual field through size-optimized A-column and control panel
  • User-optimized control panel
  • Folding center console
  • Backlit turret control panel
  • Integrated additional displays for infrared and colour cameras as well as EMEREC DEVS


  • Driver’s cab with panoramic view
  • Full LED lighting (incl. low & high beam)
  • Anti-collision guard
  • RSC (Roll Stability Control)
  • Driving compartment tested and certified according to ECE R29-3
  • Side airbags incl. belt tensioner
  • N80 centrifugal pump with up to 9,000 l/min.
  • Engine Volvo D15 Euro 6 with 750 hp*
  • Additional loading room in rear box
  • 6 or 8-* speed gearbox


*Optional, available from 2016

High Performance

All firefighting equipment in the PANTHER is developed, manufactured, and optimally integrated into the vehicle body by Rosenbauer. As a result, firefighters can rely on a reliable, powerful extinguishing system in any situation. Newly developed components like the monitor, proportioning system, and pump make this the most powerful PANTHER yet.

The improvements and innovative features of the new PANTHER boost the output rate, throw range, and the ability to deliver large volumes of extinguishing agents from ground level.


Maximizing the safety of the vehicle and its occupants is one of the primary objectives behind the new PANTHER. New features like an optimized all-round view, the crash-test-proven cab, an innovative light design, Roll Stability Control and Anti Collision Guard make driving and extinguishing even safer for all crew members.

 Standard solutions:

  • Crash-tested driver’s cab
  • User-optimized control panel

Optional additions:

  • Birdview (camera-generated real-time view of surroundings)
  • RSC (Roll Stability Control)
  • Anti-collision guard
  • Side airbags and belt tensioner for crew
  • Tire pressure monitoring

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