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Compact. Flexible. Powerful.

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The CL series includes small vehicles of up to 13 tons, providing increased manoeuvrability. The body concept of the Compact Line provides a large working area for crew and equipment stowage whilst maintaining low weight – without sacrificing safety and performance.

  • Light body weight
  • Large usable space
  • Efficient stowage solutions
  • Long life expectancy
  • Sleek & Stylish

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Crew Cab

Crew Cab – Space and convenience in use

Crew cabs from Rosenbauer deliver increased safety, convenience and space. The whole ergonomic concept optimally supports firefighters in operation: The interior of the crew cab is fitted with high-quality synthetic parts and a dirt-repellent synthetic floor. This looks good, is non-slip and means the cab is easy to clean. Illuminated LED handrails on the inside of the roof and 3 lots of handrails near the doors provide additional grip whilst providing optimum lighting.

Integrated crew cab

The integrated crew cab offers unrivalled comfort with a large space for the crew. All seats are fitted with headrests, tested 3-point seat belts in direction of travel outside and tested 2-point seat belts inside.


Lack of space is a thing of the past.

The Rosenbauer Compact Line offers an enormous amount of space for crew and equipment. The minimal body weight allows maximum equipment volumes. The equipment in the CL superstructure is clearly arranged and safely stored in up to four full height lockers without limiting interior body panels or cross braces. Rosenbauer offer a high degree of flexibility here in for the interior design. The full height lockers are fitted with high-quality roller shutters which can be operated electronically at the push of a button from outside, or manually. The compact panel vans of the CL series also provide large openings to ensure the rapid and ergonomic removal of all equipment.

COMFORT – the flexible stowage system

The COMFORT stowage system, Rosenbauer’s own development, is characterised by safe, simple and ergonomic operation as well as extensive parts program. The function of the device fixings, the device manipulation systems and the device carrier is optimally coordinated with the layout of the full height lockers. Thus all of the equipment can be quickly, easily and ergonomically removed.


Operations in a new light

A majority of fire fighting calls take place in twilight or at night. The Compact Line is fitted with a special lighting concept that produces lighting conditions at a quality never before achieved. It increases the safety and efficiency during the operation. The innovative lighting concept is based on LED technology and brings light where it’s needed. Conditions similar to daylight are created in combination with surrounding- and equipment compartment lighting, as well as light mast.


Inform. Operate. Control.

Vehicles with CL lightweight body are fitted with an operating display or a switch console in the driver’s cabin. Both operating options quickly and comprehensively provide the driver with an overview of the status of the entire vehicle. They inform about tank contents, open equipment compartments and much more. All signal units, lighting systems and extinguishing systems can also be controlled from this unit. It is also possible to connect a rear-view camera and thermal imaging camera.

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