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AT Stinger UK Film from Rosenbauer UK on Vimeo.


For the past decade, the UK Fire & Rescue Services have called for an increase in technology to support the front line fire fighter – The AT-Stinger is the revolutionary municipal vehicle concept from Rosenbauer, developed with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, and subsequently launched exclusively in the United Kingdom in late 2016 – answering that very call.

Including the latest pumping appliance technology, the AT-Stinger boasts the world class “Stinger” High Reach Extendendable Turret which has the ability to pierce through into a compartment and extinguish fire without compromising fire fighter safety when there are no persons reported. No task is too big and just as importantly, ensuring best value, no job is too small either for the excellent multi-purpose appliance.

Stinger HRET


The STINGER boom package is a HRET (High Reach Extendable Turret) developed with the most modern methods of technology with a long reach and a large range of motion. It allows fast, precise positioning with unrivalled extinguishing performance. The combined areas of movement of the water tower, the turret and the robust piercing tool cover all necessary attack positions. The AT-Stinger HRET also includes;

  • A throw of water over 80 metres in distance – further than any Aerial Ladder Platform – powered by the world class Rosenbauer NH45 pump.
  • The ‘Stinging’ piercing tool, which can punch through industrial structures and can then deliver 1,000 litres per minute of water from perforations in the spike, once penetrated.
  • Rosenbauer 4,500 litre per minute monitor which can be downselected to a smaller flow for smaller incidents.
  • Fixed thermal imaging camera at the tip.
  • Fixed real-time camera at the tip.
  • Latest in LED lighting at the tip to illuminate any scene of operation.
  • All easily controlled via state-of-the art, wireless, ergonimic control (pictured)

Crew Cab


The integrated crew cab in the AT-Stinger has been refined with numerous safety and ergonomic functions. The interior offers the crew even more space, comfort and ergonomic colour co-ordinated functionality. 3-point safety belt on all seats and an optional complete roll-over airbag system with belt-tensioners for the external seats in the crew cab keep the crew even safer.

Indirect LED lighting

The indirect LED lighting in the AT ensures glare-free, uniform lighting with the option for night vision mode to ensure maximum efficiency in supporting the fire fighter during the day or in darkness hours. The holistic ergonomic concept of the crew cab provides the fire fighters with optimum support during operations.

Patented crew cab steps

The Rosenbauer revolving safety steps allow the crew to enter and exit the vehicle quickly and safely even whilst wearing bulky PPE and breathing apparatus and when the door can only be opened halfway.



Developed. Tested. Manufactured. To the highest standard.

The AT-Stinger was designed using state-of-the-art development and simulation methods. The production process is continuously being perfected. The body design also sets new standards, based on the Rosenbauer B-type design bodywork. The AT-Stinger is robust, corrosion-resistant and aggressively efficient offering the ultimate precision. The highest grade materials guarantee the best possible quality designed to outlast its closest rivals within the UK market.

State-of-the-art construction

Laser-cut, bent aluminium construction is processed in clearly defined operations. They are subsequently built into a high-strength body in a self-supporting and torsion-resistant aluminium and frame construction. The new assembly using punch riveting and thermal drilling is clean, quick and low in distortion. All these refinements make the AT-Stinger extremely light and improve the quality and handling of the vehicle ensuring that even if classed as a ‘special appliance’ it can attend multiple incidents a day in the narrowest of streets, in the busiest of cities.

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